Who is Bloom API

We are a healthcare technology company who focuses on making EMR systems as easy as possible. We want practices to be able to direct their resources to patients rather than tedious paperwork.

Why do I need Bloom Record Release?

It saves practices and insurance companies both time and money. Bloom Record Release is automated and paperless. Never again will anyone have to deal with the laborious task of having to print out patient records and faxing them to the insurance companies.

Can you connect to my EMR?

Yes! Whether it is a web or desktop based EMR, our one-time integration with your EMR is quick and easy

How do you connect to my EMR?

How we connect to your EMR is based solely on what kind of EMR you have (web vs. desktop). Send us a note with the name of your EMR system, and we can tell you exactly how we will do your setup.

Is this connection HIPPA Compliant?

We are 100% HITECH and HIPAA compliant. Not only are we completely secure, you are covered by our insurance in the unlikely event anything were to go wrong.

Is my patient information secure?

Yes, your patient health information is 100% secure.

Who has access to patient information?

BloomAPI will have access to your patient information. While insurance companies do not have access to your overall patient information, they will however only receive their member's patient information.

How long does it take to setup and install your product?

Our one-time setup typically takes thirty-minutes or less.

Do you need to come on site for installation and setup?

Nope! The installation is done remotely.

How much does it cost?

Bloom Record Release is completely free for practices. There is absolutely no cost to you.

Is there software maintenance required?

No maintenance is required with our software.