bloom.api v0.2.2

an api for healthcare


BloomAPI is updated weekly with the lastest details from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The data is pulled from the National Provider Identifer (NPI) data dissemination Programmatically available health information ensures you're up to date.


Free, as in speech. In addition to being hosted for free, non-commercial use, BloomAPI's full source code is available online with a MIT license so you can run your own to meet your SLA requirements. Deploy it yourself for higher performance or high availability.


Built with high performance in mind, we strive to maintain quick response time on any possible NPI search. We actively monitor performance and optimize as is needed to ensure support for applications that need NPI data realtime.


Need to leverage the full NPI dataset? Run your own BloomAPI deployment for direct database access. BloomAPI will ensure your NPI data is always fresh without needing to regularly maintain your deployment.