Medical Record Releases

Release a record in 3 EASY steps

  1. 30 minute call for setup prep
  2. Sign business associate agreement
  3. Release Records

Streamlined Record Release


Never waste time requesting or releasing records again. With Bloom's Record Release tool, you can simplify this process with the press of a button.

We simplify releasing records digitally, by fax, and by mail. Send your requests to us and we'll handle them for you. Get your days back now!!

Security Measures


Your patients' information is as important to us as it is to you. Bloom Record Release is 100% HITECH and HIPAA compliant with all federal standards.

Your health information is encrypted during transmission and at rest. We guarantee that your information is only accessible to authorized entities.

Bloom by the Numbers


Bloom has been online and available for more than two years. Check out our status page to learn more about our commitment to availability.


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