The Ultimate Secure Workflow Solution For Healthcare Providers and Teams

We provide utilities to streamline your clinical workflow, spend less time on operations and more time with patients, let doctors be doctors

Bloom unlocks your clinical productivity, giving you more time with patients

Content is encrypted at rest, access is restricted to authorized users, and no data is stored on your personal devices
Secure HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
Simplify care coordination, avoid unnecessary communication costs, experience better patient outcomes
Simple Cost-Effective Care
Organize your medical network into focused patient-centered care teams, solve clinical problems more efficiently
Fast Collaborative Workflow



Spend less time worrying about operations, spend more time with patients. BloomText safeguards Protected Health Information in accordance with HIPAA and HITECH.

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About us

Our team is passionate about improving healthcare through technology

We are excited to help you and your team reach an optimal clinical workflow. Our clinical tools are light-weight, effective, and security-minded just like our engineering team comprised of individuals from Microsoft, Facebook, and University of Washington Medicine
Michael Wasser
Justin Mahood
Product Manager
Brent Dorman
Chief Engineer
Will Henderson-Drager
Data Scientist
Yotam Bentov
Chao Wang